Praia do Beliche

Praia do Beliche beach guide, how to get there and where to stay

Praia do Beliche, Sagres, Algarve

Praia do Beliche is one of the most beautiful beaches by Sagres and on Algarve’s west coast. It’s a wide bay between the Sagres Promontory and Cape St. Vincent, so it’s the beach at the “end of the world". It’s also a beach with one of the best sunset views in Europe. In fact, many people visit it just to observe the sun disappear on the horizon with a golden-red-pink sky.

Parasols and loungers in Beliche Beach, Algarve

It’s surrounded by 40m(130ft)-tall cliffs, but the magnificent scenery still doesn’t attract many tourists. It remains an unspoiled beach, and that’s quite surprising, considering it’s right on the road between the center of Sagres and Cape St. Vincent, which is a very popular tourist destination. Nearby (about 2 minutes by car) is also Fortaleza de Beliche (sometimes spelled “Belixe”), a 16th-century fortress that was damaged in an earthquake in 1755, restored in the 1950s and currently not open to the public.

Kayaks in Beliche Beach, Algarve

It was from this beach that explorer Gil Eanes set sail to round Cape Bojador in 1434, which at the time was the limit of the known world. The discovery of a passable route around the cape indicated that it might be possible to navigate around the coast of Africa and reach the East by sea, which happened decades later with Vasco da Gama.

Cave in Praia do Beliche, Algarve

Most people come here to surf or to sunbathe, many of them nude on the more deserted days. It’s about 150 meters (close to 500 feet) long, and divided into two sections separated by a cliff. The surfers tend to stay on the eastern side (to the left when facing the sea) and the naturists to the west. The Portuguese Naturist Federation lists it as an unofficial nude beach, but the naturist-friendly west side is sometimes inaccessible at high tide, especially outside the summer months.

Beliche Beach cave, Algarve

The water is cold (the average temperature in the summer is 22C or 72F), but it can be refreshing on a hot summer day. However, it can also be rough and the currents strong, so you should be very careful, and it is not recommended for children. On the plus side, there are no rocks. Lifeguards supervise it during the bathing season (the months of June, July, August and September). That’s when you also find parasols and loungers for rent, and sometimes massage services.

Restaurant in Praia do Beliche, Algarve

Although Sagres can be very windy, the spectacular cliffs provide some shelter, especially from the north and east winds. Just keep a safe distance, as there’s always the danger of rockfall. You can explore small caves in the cliffs and rocks, but watch the tides, as they can rise quite fast. This is a Blue Flag beach, so you can expect a clean and safe environment. The flora on the cliffs are so important to biodiversity, that the area is a biogenetic reserve.

Calm waters in Beliche Beach, Algarve

The beach does not offer access to those with mobility issues. To reach it, you have to go down a steep staircase with about 100 steps. Going back up can be tough, especially with a surfboard. However, the staircase does offer a great view over the beach.

Surfing in Beliche Beach, Sagres, Algarve

Surf schools often bring their clients here. Bodyboarding is another popular activity, and when the water is calmer, so is kayaking. After a long day in the water, you can enjoy drinks or a meal at the restaurant. It specializes in barbecues and fresh fish, served to the sound of upbeat and chillout music. It also offers a wonderful view of the beach.

Location: Sagres
Beach for: Surfers, Naturists
Lifeguards: Yes
Bathrooms: Yes
Rentals: Yes
Bar or Restaurant: Yes
Accessible: No
Parking: Yes

How to Get to Praia do Beliche

Vamus bus 47, that goes from Lagos to Sagres, continues to Cape St. Vincent three times a day, and stops by this beach. Walking here from the center of Sagres takes about a half hour and by car it’s just 5 minutes. The drive from Vila do Bispo is less than 15 minutes, from Salema about 25, and from Lagos close to 40 minutes. There’s parking above the beach.

Beaches by Praia do Beliche

Another surfing beach, Tonel, is a 5-minute drive to the south. In about 20 minutes, you can also be surfing at the wilder Praia do Castelejo to the north. In the center of Sagres you have the large Praia da Mareta.

Hotels by Praia do Beliche

Mareta Beach House, Algarve

Mareta Beach House

It overlooks Praia da Mareta, but this villa is just a 5-minute drive from Praia do Beliche (walking takes over a half hour). It has double and family rooms, many of them with a sea view and facing an infinity pool.


Tonel Apartamentos Turisticos, Algarve

Tonel Apartamentos Turisticos

As indicated by the name, these tourist apartments are by the beach of Tonel, which is just 3 minutes by car or a half-hour walk from Praia do Beliche. The brightly-colored apartments have one or two bedrooms, and kitchenettes where you can prepare meals. All guests have access to the seasonal outdoor pool.


Cercas Velhas, Algarve

Cercas Velhas

This highly-rated guesthouse is a group of renovated houses located less than 5 minutes by car from Praia do Beliche. Although they preserve the original architecture, the small interiors (the size of a small apartment or standard double room in a hotel) feature all the modern comforts.


Wavesensations Sagres Surf House, Algarve

Wavesensations Sagres Surf House

If you’re a surfer, you’ll probably want to stay here. It’s by Praia do Tonel, so not far from Praia do Beliche, and has twin, double or triple rooms in addition to male and female dorms. It features a contemporary décor and a wonderful terrace for outdoor dining and sunbathing.


The Lighthouse Hostel, Algarve

The Lighthouse Hostel

This is one of the best hostels in Algarve. It offers mixed dorms, double rooms and 2-bedroom bungalows, but best of all is its large terrace with a seasonal swimming pool. Guests can use the shared kitchen or the barbecue equipment to prepare meals, and socialize in the lounge or game room.